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Lange v California New70ppi

Lange v. California

Can an officer enter a home without a warrant while in hot pursuit of a misdemeanor?

United States v Arthrex _final

United States v. Arthrex

Did the Federal Circuit properly resolve the case regarding the power and role of USPTO administrative judges?

NCAA v Alston.MMfinal

NCAA v. Alston

Do the NCAA limits on college athlete compensation violate federal antitrust laws?

Nestle v Doe300ppi

Nestle v. Doe

The U.S. companies are not subject to suit for the human rights abuses alleged by foreign citizens because the actions alleged occurred abroad.

Fulton v Philadelphia300ppi

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia violated the First Amendment in banning a Catholic foster care agency for refusing to work with same-sex couples.

California v Texas300ppi

California v. Texas

Texas’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act is invalid because the plaintiffs do not have legal standing.

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