About Subscript Law


We are a nonprofit legal news website delivering reports in infographics.​

Our visual reports help lawyers keep up-to-date on Supreme Court decisions and other legal news quickly, and they introduce complex legal concepts to teachers, students, journalists and other non-lawyer politically-interested individuals.​

We have gained a reputation quickly, with our work being cited by NPR and SCOTUSblog and listed as an American Bar Association law “Blawg.”​

Mission & Vision

We work to smartly engage the public around legal issues.
We envision an American public that can fully understand current events, can advocate politically, and can think legally.

Problem & Solution

Recognizing the need for free legal resources was only half the battle. People have to want to read them.
Subscript Law came from the recognition that legal resources were not accessible to the public. However, just putting legal resources on the web does not make them accessible. Making resources truly accessible means increasing the public's:
  • Ability to navigate those resources.
  • Ability to comprehend & analyze them in context.
  • Willingness to read them.
  • Philosophy

    Drawing on Gestalt psychology, we believe people understand concepts as whole forms or big-picture representations.
    At Subscript Law, we use symbols to convey information concisely, in the same way a symbol functions in math. We create logos and shorthand to refer to concepts so that people can get an image without getting sidetracked by too much text or jargon.

    Our Vision

    Subscript Law’s fee-based services support our nonprofit mission to smartly engage the public around legal issues. Ultimately, the vision is to have an American public that can fully understand current events, can advocate politically, and can think legally. We have gained a national reputation quickly, and we must maintain our momentum.

    In order to build a sustainable financial model, we reached the juncture where we need to generate revenues beyond donations, building on our expertise and success in the legal information space. We will remain a nonprofit, true to our original vision, increasing our visibility and range.

    Meet the Board


    Mariam Morshedi, Esq

    Founder & Executive Director

    Mariam Morshedi practiced civil rights law for AARP Foundation in Washington D.C. before founding Subscript Law. She played a major role in settling a fair housing litigation before the United States Supreme Court and authored a number of amicus curiae briefs in federal appeals courts including the U.S. Supreme Court. Mariam received her J.D. cum laude from Boston University Law School. Before attending law school, she received an M.Sc. from The London School of Economics in law and anthropology and a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin with a mathematical logic focus.

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    Pasha Palangpour

    Vice President

    Pasha Palangpour is the Vice President and our lead Software Engineer. Pasha is a vital part of the Subscript Law team.

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    Alan Rosenblatt


    Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., is a digital communications & social media strategist, professor & thought leader with over 25 years’ experience in digital/social politics, advocacy, media, and education. He is Director of Digital Research at Lake Research Partners & Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at turner4D. 

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    Daniel Clay, Esq

    Director of Academic Programs

    Dr. Daniel N. Clay is currently a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Elmira College, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Criminal Justice. His legal career included positions with the Rhode Island Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (J. Torruella).

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    Our Proven Success

    Subscript Law is the first and only news outlet consistently reporting on legal cases in infographics. We have gained recognition from NPR, SCOTUSblog, the ABA, and numerous law schools.

    Our lawyers have systematized how to analyze legal information. We organize images and paraphrase text to be legally sound while at the same time conveying information as efficiently as possible.

    Our reports give attorneys what they need to know, and they are also accessible to other audiences.

    The success of our legal news website demonstrates our ability to create legal infographics to suit your audience, whether it be members of a jury, a judge or busy professional clients. 

    We have gained exponential growth in traffic over the years and achieved the number one Google search result ranking for a number of key legal terms. Based on our own experience, our web design, SEO, and legal marketing services are especially suited for law firms and to target legal audiences.

    Interested in becoming a contributor?

    We’re on the lookout for lawyers and law students who share our passion for teaching legal issues. Write a report on a Supreme Court case or legal topic of your expertise. We’ll provide the infographic, and you get the recognition.