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marketing infographics for attorneys

What are Marketing Infographics?

Marketing infographics add a special level of depth to other marketing materials for lawyers and law firms. These unique infographics enhance the content in blog posts, email marketing campaigns, and other digitally-accessed content. Blog posts instantly become more engaging and insightful with marketing infographics embedded into articles. Persuasive or informational email campaigns are much more compelling when infographics help capture attention and further engage audiences. Infographics utilize visual illustrations and relevant textual information to keep audiences curious about marketing content.

Infographics provide lawyers an opportunity to tell their story in an engaging and entertaining way.

A law firm can stay present for past clients and gain new clients by consistently offering relevant information about their practice, update others on new legal developments, important case outcomes, common legal services, and interesting social issues. Infographics can describe case outcomes through fun illustrations that highlight why they are important. By using relevant facts and statistics on a graphic, a lawyer can make the ever-evolving political climate more understandable. Infographics also can help people navigate common legal concerns that arise in times of social unrest, financial stress, and domestic issues. A lawyer can become a practice area thought-leader by covering changes in the laws, and infographics can engage non-lawyer clients better than pure text reports.  

Email campaigns and blog posts from law firms can be boring and are often dismissed, especially if the reports lack engaging visuals. However, when marketing materials teach audiences something interesting and in a fun way, people are more likely to engage with the content. Providing an audience with interesting graphics gives them a deeper understanding of legal processes. At the same time, a graphic is shareable, making it easy for people to introduce your firm to others in their social network. A law firm can gain much exposure through the digital sharing of interesting content.

marketing infographics for law firms

Marketing infographics build trust & credibility for your firm.

By making information easily digestible for every type of audience, lawyers and law firms establish trustworthiness in their businesses. This benefits not just a given firm itself, but it also creates greater trust in the legal profession as a whole. People can better trust the industry when they know how it works; they will know how cases are analyzed and argued and how courts justify their decisions.

If your firm is considering becoming a thought-leader and engaging the public, using infographics is a great way to set yourself apart. An infographic can convey more information than a text report, including emotionally relatable content like images of case parties and events.  It’s never too late to get started when you have important knowledge to share. We can help find the best way to relay it!

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marketing infographics for lawyers

How Do Marketing Infographics Help Lawyers & Law Firms?

Marketing infographics greatly enhance the quality of blog posts, email campaigns, and social media marketing. They increase overall engagement with marketing content. Additionally, these infographics increase direct involvement with your business or firm. Potential clients that find value in marketing infographics are more likely to reach out to a firm for legal assistance. Establishing reliability before communicating with a client can assist lawyers in building a case. Lawyers and firms can utilize marketing infographics to build extra trust with clients. 

Blog posts

Blog posts can cover any legal issue or scenario that you find important to discuss. If the public is experiencing major changes like election turnover, legal and regulatory changes, economic instability, or health insecurity, certainly your legal expertise can offer some insight. Marketing infographics convey information visually to make understanding information simple. A law firm’s blog is like a digital newspaper. The firm consistently can publish new articles to inform people about legal news. Blog articles become exponentially more engaging with embedded infographics. Audiences are more likely to revisit blogs that make understanding news easy.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns often aim to gain new clientele with a mass-outreach strategy. While much of a law firm’s general audience may not currently need legal services, maintaining engagement with email subscribers establishes a positive connection. If an email subscriber finds himself requiring legal services in the future, he will likely consider contacting a firm with which he already feels a connection. Much value can come from personal connections that marketing infographics establish. Marketing infographics can make people excited to read emails from a law firm. When an audience knows they can learn about a fascinating legal scenario every time they open a firm’s emails, the firm benefits by securing the business of future clients. 

Social media

Different social media platforms make sharing marketing infographics simple. Posting these infographics on social media can generate organic engagement. Infographics that cover fresh political happenings are shared rapidly through social platforms. After breaking news is discussed on major media sources, infographics help to further share it quickly. Graphics that discuss common legal services, such as contract writing, may circulate less quickly but endure in relevance indefinitely. A firm can keep audiences engaged with many different types of information that infographics can explain.

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How We Create Marketing Infographics for Law Firms & Lawyers

We’re lawyers, researchers, analytical thinkers, and graphic designers. We know the legal industry and how to engage people, which makes creating legal marketing infographics easy for us. We are the first news outlet to consistently report on legal cases in infographics, and we’ve gained great knowledge of conveying complicated legal concepts over the years.

We know how to exactly explain the information necessary to understand an issue. We paraphrase without losing the precise legal meaning, and we create images to supply concepts. Because it comes naturally to us, the audience is certain to get the “aha!” moment you want to give them. 

Work with an experienced legal design team.

Because we are experienced lawyers and legal researchers, we will conduct as much research as necessary to create your infographics. We work with lawyers and firms to learn as much relevant information as we can to create the highest-quality graphics. During the creation process, we utilize specialized marketing tools to understand how to best convey information and data and to make the marketing infographics accessible to audiences. Most importantly, the graphics should be engaging and effectively informative. Those seeking knowledge of legal processes respond differently to various creative approaches. Because we have already done extensive research on how people seek and retain legal knowledge, we already know the best way to reach your potential clients. 

We are meticulous about the care & detail that goes into each design.

We plan out designs by first considering the goal of the infographic. Then, we consider all of the information that is relevant to the audience in reaching the goal. Now, it’s sketching time. We determine exactly what visuals or logical flows are necessary to give the audience exactly the information they need and no more. We decide what paraphrasings are required and we double-check that the shortened versions are not misleading.

Throughout the whole process, we note what information we are leaving aside – whether it’s a case citation or a full case description. We always make sure to leave additional text information on the side or in footnotes so that any readers who seek further information know where to get it. Creating the perfect infographic to suit a law firm’s needs entails a process – and the process is full of careful consideration and creativity.

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