Donor Spotlight: Dr. Herbert Britt


Dr. Herb Britt spent a lifelong career in chemical engineering software development. During that time, he co-founded the industry leader, Aspen Technology. Herb Britt is now retired and living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his BS and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri.

Subscript thanks Dr. Herb Britt as our first major sponsor. Dr. Britt's contribution brings you the Supreme Court Coverage Project, which has carved Subscript a space in legal reference. The Supreme Court project is the only source for Supreme Court legal news coverage in graphics. It informs individuals of complex legal issues without relying on a legal background.


I have been disturbed by the trends over my lifetime in which ideology and oversimplification seem to take precedence over data, facts, and a comprehensive “big picture” objective analysis. As an engineer, I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility– politicians and the electorate alike– to approach any issue with a solid knowledge and understanding of the facts, data, context, history, alternatives, etc., instead of simply applying their chosen ideology. In Subscript, I see an impressive effort to organize legal information about important issues in a simple, comprehensive and innovative way and to make this information readily available and accessible, so no one needs to act from ignorance.

I am tremendously impressed by Mariam Morshedi’s passion and commitment to the Subscript concept, particularly to the development of the many innovative graphical, visual, and logic-based mechanisms for si­mplifying and conveying complex concepts.

I hope that Subscript will become a standard reference that will improve the general knowledge and understanding of the many important issues facing us now and in the future and contribute to an improved dialog about these issues. In short, I hope that Subscript becomes the “go to” site to obtain unbiased, objective information about important legal and legislative issues, and will serve as an alternative to the superficial and one-sided silos of information so prevalent today.

I have a very strong belief in preserving open spaces and our natural environment; therefore, my main area of support is organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the Trustees of Reservations here in Massachusetts. I have had a longtime interest in railroads, so I support efforts to preserve our rail heritage – such as vintage equipment and stations. Believing we are all brothers and sisters here on earth, I support human rights and humanitarian causes such as Amnesty International and Doctors without Borders as well as food banks and shelters here at home. And of course, I support my alma matter, the University of Missouri.

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