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Tag: travel ban

Case Explainer

Trump v. Hawaii (Decided June 26, 2018)

Trump’s third version of the travel ban is not likely to violate federal law or the Constitution. The 9th Circuit’s decision halting the order is reversed.

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Case Explainer

Trump v. Hawaii (Argument April 26, 2018)

Does the latest version of Trump’s travel ban violate federal law or the Constitution?

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6 Supreme Court cases of this term that MLK would have cared about

6 Supreme Court cases argued this term relating to civil rights, voting rights and unlawful detention.

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Case Explainer

The Establishment Clause Question in the Travel Ban Cases

Does the travel ban disfavor Islam? Go deeper into the establishment clause argument, including learning case precedent on the issue.

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Case Explainer

The Travel Ban case explained

Learn the basic arguments on each side and the rulings of the lower courts.

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Mapping Current Events

Legal Landscape: Immigration Law

View the laws and policies relating to immigration law generally.

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