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Month: July 2018

Case Explainer

How Kavanaugh could change the Supreme Court’s positions on climate change regulation

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has expressed views in line with Scalia’s on the EPA’s ability to regulate on climate change. With Kennedy out, see how the Court’s positions could change.

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Agency Authority: Conservative vs. Liberal Views on Regulation

Learn about administrative agency power and how conservative and liberal viewpoints on regulation relate to it.

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Flores Settlement

The Flores Settlement: setting standards on child detention since 1997

Learn about the Flores Settlement: the law setting standards on child detention.

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Affirmative Action

Significance of the Trump administration’s policy reversal on affirmative action

On July 3, 2018 the Trump administration reversed Obama-era guidelines on using race in school admissions policies. Learn the legal background of the policy change in our infographic.

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