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Church Successfully Uses Free Exercise Clause to Challenge Missouri’s Denial of Funds

We accepted the risk of oversimplifying a Supreme Court case so we could bring you a picture.

In case you didn’t hear about this case, a church preschool sued Missouri because Missouri refused to allow it to participate in a state funding program.

Missouri allows schools to apply for grants to help resurface their playgrounds with recycled tires. But it does not allow religious organizations the funds because it wants to keep religion separate from government.

The church said the state’s policy violated its right to free exercise of religion.

Here’s what happened…

View the infographic.

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Mariam Morshedi

Mariam Morshedi

Mariam Morshedi is the Founder and Executive Director of Subscript Law. Before starting Subscript Law, she practiced civil rights law for AARP Foundation, where she litigated housing, consumer and disability rights issues.

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