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Graphic Story of the Laws Relating to the Contraception Mandate

Today Subscript brings you the first of many cool graphs.

A couple weeks ago we reported on the Contraception Mandate, and now you can see the laws even more concisely. 

What’s going on with the Contraception Mandate? Will contraception still be free? That depends.

It’s likely that Health and Human Services, guided by President Trump, will change the Contraception Mandate, i.e. no longer require employers to include contraception in health plans. 

But some states make it mandatory on the insurance companies anyway. Beyond that, it would be particular to the employer and plan. 

To help tell the legal story, we have two graph legends on the site. They explain the graph components.

Check out the Graph and Legends here.

And stay tuned for more graphs!

About the Author

Mariam Morshedi

Mariam Morshedi

Mariam Morshedi is the Founder and Executive Director of Subscript Law. Before starting Subscript Law, she practiced civil rights law for AARP Foundation, where she litigated housing, consumer and disability rights issues.

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